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Flash Cards


Flash Cards

I challenged myself to launch a business within a week. Flash Cards is the product of this self-initiated design sprint. I decided to pursue this to remind myself what it feels like to take an idea from conception to creation. This was an exercise in the process of design.


Dexter Co.



Art Direction, Print Design, Branding, Interactive Design


The Challenge

Launch a functional business within a week. This includes the branding, messaging, business model, and a website that has the ability to accept customers. 

The Solution

As I was brainstorming at my desk I noticed a stack of business cards sitting right below my monitor. I shuffled through them and was immediately frustrated by the quality of the design. Often times, applying basic design principles would have made these cards infinitely better. My solution was Flash Cards – Beautifully Crafted Business Cards – a service that offers quick business card design services for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

The Results

Within 5 days I was able to design all of the branding, purchase a domain, and develop a functional website with the ability to accept customers.


Early Explorations


By using pops of color and applying a simple pattern, I was able to develop a design that is clean, yet striking.