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Cariclub Executive Summary

Cariclub approached me about redesigning their Executive Summary. What I was given next was a dense word document that failed to effectively tell the Cariclub story in an engaging way. Intended as a tool to attract investors, I knew I had to create something to support this goal.  





Print Design, Branding, Information Design

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The challenge

As a startup seeking funding, I was tasked with designing a piece that delivered Cariclub statistics in a compelling way to help attract investors. I had to develop something that effectively communicated the benefits of investing in Cariclub.

The Solution

The word document that I was given was extremely dense. There was no sense of hierarchy and zero room for the content to breathe – making it difficult for the reader to process what was being shared. My main goal was to focus on the hierarchy and the order of the content to allow the reader to easily scan the document for key points. 

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Adding the visual elements helps the reader to quickly digest the content and make associations that are otherwise lost in a line-by-line layout.  

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By developing a more visual number system, it helps carry the reader through the story while maintaining context.  

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