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Concur Expense Stream


The Stream

The Expense Stream primarily consists of a list expense Tiles. I've already addressed the Tile, but there is room for improvement within the header.


Pain Points


The Action Buttons
The action buttons feel like an afterthought. Their placement feels arbitrary, the hierarchy in relation to the "Expenses" header feels off, and the styling doesn't acknowledge primary and secondary actions.

Column Names / Sorting
When something is intuitive it requires no labels or explainers. While the column headers made it clear what each of the line items were, it hints at the fact that the Tile likely wasn't intuitive enough for the user to understand on its own. The ability to sort is nice, but offset by the fact that there was little practical benefit to sorting by some of these categories. I found sorting by Date and Amount to be useful, but I believe there are better solutions for this than a traditional column sort. 


Usability Improvements

To address some of these challenges I restyled the action buttons to better reflect primary vs secondary actions. I also repositioned the buttons to better associate them with the checkbox because these actions can't be performed unless an expense is selected. I replaced the column headers with an explicit sort function that clearly displays how many expenses are selected and what they are being sorted by and maintained the 'More Views' function.  

Final Result

These minor changes to the Stream, along with the changes to the Tile, should drastically improve the usability of this section. The original design tried to say too much, but the new design should say just enough to provide the direction the user needs to continue making forward progress through the flow.


Next Steps

If the Stream informs the user about required actions, then the Details are where the action takes place. Next, I will take a look at the Expense Details section to address its usability issues.