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Cummins + BTE Webinar


Cummins + BTE Webinar

BTE decided to register for a webinar to gauge its efficacy as a marketing tool and a possible addition to our greater content marketing strategy. We had the opportunity to co-host this webinar with Cummins, Inc – the Fortune 500 diesel and alternative energy engine and technology company – to share how we helped reduce their OSHA recordables and worker's compensation costs.  





Branding, Interactive Design, Presentation Design


The Challenge

As a co-hosted webinar, BTE could not use their standard brand centric powerpoint template, which I would personally describe as uninspired – all blue slides, large logo on every slide, bulleted lists, etc. I was tasked with developing a new design for this presentation – one that represented both companies equally and delivered the content in a way that was appropriate for the medium.

The Solution

As a viewer, webinars can be challenging. Listening to strangers on the other end of the phone drone on as they carry you through a dense powerpoint is often a formula for failure. But if the content is compelling and the powerpoint is well designed and visually engaging, then webinars can be a powerful tool. My goal was to design a system that visually supported what our speakers were sharing in a manner that helped the viewer easily process the story. 

I was able to analyze the information that was provided to me, determine the intended story, and establish a content structure that highlighted key points and maintained context as you progress through the presentation. 


I applied typographic hierarchy to bring emphasis to key numbers


The Result

Overall, the webinar was a success. It's easy to see its value as a lead generation tool, but with no human interaction, success is usually determined by the quality of the content. Fortunately, we had strong story and a well designed vehicle for sharing it. Based on the percentage of attendees who stayed, I would say the numbers reflect that. 


Key Outcomes

  • 500 Registrants
  • 250 Attendees
  • 90% of attendees stayed for the whole presentation

Here is the final webinar. Unfortunately, I was forced to resize my template to a 4:3 ratio, which caused some minor formatting issues, but this does give you a good sense of the design and some of the storytelling elements I created.