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Interactive Design


Interactive Design

Exercising my html/css muscle


Mental Shift

At BTE we've been DOING email marketing for quite sometime, but we haven't BEEN email marketers. This is an important distinction to make because it's often times the difference between a company that can successfully establish and nurture relationships through email marketing and one that cannot. Once we made this shift in our thinking we went from waiting for content to share to generating content and sharing it more consistently – utilizing best practices for effective email marketing.  

This includes increasing the frequency of emails sent through our marketing automation software by launching a branded newsletter, using responsive email templates, A/B testing to better understand what our audience responds to, focused messaging with a clear CTA, responsive landing pages with limited access to our website to help drive conversions, and more. 


Designing a Landing Page

When designing landing pages I try to keep the purpose clear and the message focused. Driving conversions is key, which lends itself to a design that's free of anything that might detract from the call the action. This means designing a page that has limited to no access to the "outside world." Any links to an external page are opportunities to distract and ultimately hurt your conversions.


Email Campaigns

Boosting CTRs with CTAs 


Designing an Email

With email there are a lot of variables to deal with and very few are stacked in our favor. By this I mean, our reputation as a sender, the strength of our audience's spam filter, ensuring a consistent look across devices and email platforms, and the millions of other emails that we're competing against. As a B2B business, the majority of our emails are opened in Outlook, and Outlook on desktop doesn't support background images or gifs in emails, but mobile phones and internet based email platforms typically do.


These are all things that I am now aware of, thanks to my experience at BTE. My role was to design based on the factors that were in our control. This includes clean, responsive designs to ensure a positive experience on mobile, clear CTAs, typographical hierarchy, strong subject lines and preview copy, etc.