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Train Tracker


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After frequently taking a friend and frequent commuter to the MARC train in Baltimore, a few challenges for riders became clear:

  • Outside of remembering through the ritual of catching the train everyday or looking online for the schedule, there was no way to quickly find train times. 
  • There was also no way of knowing whether the train was late or not. 
  • If you purchase a monthly pass then you are expected to hold that paper ticket for a month and display it to the train officer everyday. 

This experience of buying tickets and riding the train felt so archaic to me. All of these challenges drove me to develop a mobile App to improve this experience for users.

Primary Objective

Design a mobile app that improves the train commuting experience for users


User Flows






Next Steps

  • Develop a checkout flow for purchasing train tickets and passes

  • Build out the flow for the Camden Line that runs East to West

  • User testing and feedback of live prototype